Founded in 2008, BCS is a voluntary welfare organisation set up to support the well-being of children, youth, adults, elderly and families in the community.


The mission of BCS is to bless the community around us through the provision of services to youths, seniors and the community that will help develop the potential of individuals, strengthen families and foster communal bonding to enrich our society.

BCS focuses its services in 3 main areas – The elderly in the community, youths in schools and community at large such as family life, people in need and etc.


BCS’s core values include:

We desire to serve with integrity, valuing honesty and developing trust, holding on to firm principles for wholesome living.
We uphold the importance of treating every individual with respect and dignity, recognizing his/ her worth.
We are committed to serving with love, desiring to encourage and build up, for a positive contribution to society.
We will uphold what is good and right, and will fulfil our mission with accountability.
We strive to serve with excellence.