In this Lunar New Year season,

let us remember those without a place to call home.

It’s an unfortunate reality there are homeless individuals living among us in Singapore. A 2021 study found that there were 420 homeless/rough sleepers in Singapore. In 2022, it was reported that 530 rough sleepers were being housed in shelters. Meet Mr A, whose life took an unexpected turn which left him homeless. His story of strength, courage, and resilience will inspire you. 


Watch the video here: 

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BCS currently manages 5 x S3Ps with a total max capacity of 39 beds.

  • $50 can help defray the cost of providing daily necessities (e.g. toiletries, pillow case, bedsheet, blanket) to a stayer in our S3Ps.
  • $100 can provide 5-day food and transport assistance to a stayer in our S3Ps.
  • $150 can provide one counselling session to support a stayer who experienced trauma or wrestled with deep seated issues.
  • $200 can help defray the operational cost of maintaining a S3P for 1 week.

Will you consider donating to help us help the homeless and rough sleepers through our S3P work? (Donations are tax deductible)